Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

Time for some new blog post! Sorry I have not posted in FOREVER.... But it is time for new stuff! Well i haven't posted anything i have been doing but that's fine because you don't need to know everything i am doing ha ha. Well I am about to start a project on my blog and i will try to keep it on my Facebook as well. Its called 66 Words... and it stands for the 66 books of the bible! Something God has given me is my talent in art and i want to use it for Him. So for the next 66 days i will attempt some sort of art project everyday to relate to that book of the bible and i will tell you why i choose that one word to represent that book of the bible. I will not be reading each book of the bible everyday that's why I will most likely do second parts to this project. I will be focusing on what i feel God is telling me that day through what i read in that specific book of the bible that day. I will be doing anything from a quick sketch to a photograph or a quick snap shot on my cell phone even paint colors i think represent that days word. I really am excited for this project because it will help me have a better knowledge of the bible and have a better relationship with God and learn more about His amazing word everyday and for it to be on the Internet so many people can read and decide to open up their bible. I really hope you decide to follow this project and I cant wait to start! :)

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