Sunday, June 20, 2010

BEACH pictures!

So i left camp and went to my cousins house to go to their graduation and now i am at their house on the beach so i will post some photos from here. I havent taken any other photos besides the ones today at the beach but hopefully i will get more things started. So camp was such a great experience. We did things like trust falls from high platforms to having to use your whole team to get each member over a high wall. Alot of these activitys were realting to trusting God in all that He has in store for you. Then i chose missions as my track and it was so great doing that and making a difference in all those peoples lifes. We went to an ashymers home and talked to people there. Then we went to a brain trama center and sang to them and did puppetts. Then the next day we played with children at a day care. These people really just spoke to me to hear what they have to say. Some things that people were going through just broke my heart exspecially what these children are going through. It really just made me want to work more with people and become a missionary. This summer i am going to Puerto Rico on an mission trip and i think after that it will deffinatly be more clear if i should become a missionary after that trip. So that whole week really just got to my heart. So today is father's day so.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!! Love you! So since i am not in town i only got to talk to my Dad on the phone but instead me and my cousins made father's day cards and handed them out to old folks at a retirement home. Them tommorrow i am going home and tuesday i get to start my summer internship, so i am super stoked about that. Them wednesday night i am leaving town again to go to the beach with my friend. So thats a little bit thats going on right now. I hope you all are doing great! God Bless! thanks for reading ;)

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