Sunday, June 20, 2010

BEACH pictures!

So i left camp and went to my cousins house to go to their graduation and now i am at their house on the beach so i will post some photos from here. I havent taken any other photos besides the ones today at the beach but hopefully i will get more things started. So camp was such a great experience. We did things like trust falls from high platforms to having to use your whole team to get each member over a high wall. Alot of these activitys were realting to trusting God in all that He has in store for you. Then i chose missions as my track and it was so great doing that and making a difference in all those peoples lifes. We went to an ashymers home and talked to people there. Then we went to a brain trama center and sang to them and did puppetts. Then the next day we played with children at a day care. These people really just spoke to me to hear what they have to say. Some things that people were going through just broke my heart exspecially what these children are going through. It really just made me want to work more with people and become a missionary. This summer i am going to Puerto Rico on an mission trip and i think after that it will deffinatly be more clear if i should become a missionary after that trip. So that whole week really just got to my heart. So today is father's day so.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!! Love you! So since i am not in town i only got to talk to my Dad on the phone but instead me and my cousins made father's day cards and handed them out to old folks at a retirement home. Them tommorrow i am going home and tuesday i get to start my summer internship, so i am super stoked about that. Them wednesday night i am leaving town again to go to the beach with my friend. So thats a little bit thats going on right now. I hope you all are doing great! God Bless! thanks for reading ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So sorry i have not posted anything but i probably wont post anything good for the next couple of weeks because i have no nice camera right now to take pictures to post or a lap top or iPhone to post from there either. I wish i had those things right now so i could post more. Plus if i had an iPhone i could do my summer school from it when i am out of the country and have to computer. Blah why does everything have to cost SO much money? Well besides those things at least i got my report card and i am officially a senior and was promoted!! YAY! I got pretty good grades to i only had one D and that was in math, then a C is history and three B's and five A's! So i think that's pretty good! Also today when i got my report card i got a big book in the mail from SVA (school of visual arts in NYC) EEPPP yay! that made me really happy because it made me more excited to go to college in NYC. So now that I'm officially a Senior its time to get ready for college applications! yay ha. Wish me luck at getting into SVA or Pratt and being able to afford it. Well thanks for reading hopefully soon i will be posting from my iPhone! ha i wish ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Earrings+Happiness= only 362 days til I graduate!

So here are some earrings i made. Sorry the picture is not very high quality, but you can basically see. I started experimenting with wire and really started to like making jewelry especially earrings. Then some happy pictures becuase you might be going through something right now and hopefully it will cheer you up and give you hope!


Art art art art artt... OHHH how i love art art art art artt...!!! Yes i love art soo much its the one thing i feel my happiest doing! I enjoy it so much! There are so many different ways to make art and express your self through every piece. I love making art and experimenting with new types of art to photo shop to graphite. I can always just go in my room and just make art not matter what my mood, if i am happy i can make art. If i am sad i can go make art. That's why i love art sooooo much! So at the top i start with many non-objective pieces with paint/gel medium/coffee. I absolutely love using gel medium and making non-objective pieces. I feel like so many people can relate to those pieces and it has many emotions to it. Then i have just a regular still life done in graphite to get experience in many different areas. Then i go to a bunch of clay. You start off by seeing the up close of the pebbles on the house i made. I really enjoyed making this house. I first just wanted to say something through it. I wanted to say how even when you have nothing and you are living in a messed up house with nothing in it you still have God. He is always their for everyone that's why i called it "hope for everyone". I also got to learn some new effects i can use on clay with this piece, so i really enjoyed it. Then i have a vessel made from clay with just alot of carving in it and a really nice glaze i mixed for it. I thought it was very successful. Last but not least i have two clay tiles that we did in art club right before school ended. We carved into these clay slabs and then placed colored glass where you wanted that color, then in the kiln it melts all together. Very cool effect, i will defiantly be using it on future pieces. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :)