Monday, May 31, 2010

Short Films

I really like short films that have a bunch of cool editing done to them or even just simple short films. I though this one was kinda cool just because its like geeky like a video game and then it have NYC in it so yeah you should watch it. I want to try to make some short films but i don't have a video camera or a nice apple laptop that i can do this on. So yeah in a few years i post something i make unless my parents get me one.. ha ha yeah right.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So this is the tattoo i want when i get to NYC only if i make it to New York, and if i still want it then and don't change my mind. The bird symbolizes me breaking free from basically my house, town, etc.. Just like I'm finally an adult when I get out of my house and the city is where i will be and want to be. Then that's why my blog is called Time To Break Free because its almost time for me to be out of my house, an adult, pay my own bills ha ha well that one can wait. So that is basically what my tattoo symbolizes to me about breaking free and becoming an adult.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures Just for fun...

Lady Gaga before she was lady gaga

Here is the old lady gaga i really like this song of hers.



Well i love music alot and i just thought i would post some of the types of music i like for you to hear because they are all so different. I really like like rock music and then pop music i guess i pretty much like anything from rap to country so.. but some of my favorite artist right now are probably Ke$ha, i really like her 2 songs BLAH BLAH BLAH and Your Love Is My Drug. shes really funky and i like that but shes not to crazy like Lady Gaga, don't get me wrong i still like Lady Gaga but not as much as Ke$ha. Well i really like Lady Gaga's music before she was called Lady Gaga her name is Stefani and she had an album called Red and Blue and i really like all the songs on that album. Then i really love Villanova their like Rock and i really like there more hard core songs i guess you could say like Str8 To The Bottom. Then i like Trey Songz and some of his songs. Also i really like alot of Christian bands like Family Force Five to Steven Curtis Chapman. So i love all types of music! So it all really great so if you can sing or play an instrument don't give up on that ROCK ON FOR LIFE!! People always are telling me like you need a real job instead of art or something and i bet its the same for musicians but guess what i don't even care what they say because i am happy with what i do and what i like and that's what i want to do! So that what i am going to do! So don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Stick to your dreams and live them out!!

Last Whole Day Of School!!!

Teapot made from clay, obviously not a working one because it has holes in it, but i really liked the glaze i mixed on it.

Nose i carved out of Plaster, i think noses are interesting so i decided to carve it out of plaster.

Cheerios i made out of clay.

Thank goodness today is the last full day of school only 3 more half days!! yay! And now that all the seniors are gone I am officially a senior woot woot! geeze its finally here, took long enough. So today at school i didn't really do much except take some exams but they weren't bad at all so other than that i stayed in the art lab all day at school working on logos for this lady. This is going to be my first logos that i am getting paid for and i am super stoked and ready to get some money!! Because i gotta start saving up to but my apple laptop and cannon camera because those things aren't cheap. Other than that here are some art works Ive done i will post some pictures so if any of you are interested you can comment or just look or whatever...

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ROCK 2010

So today i woke up at 5 am, and it wasnt time for me to get up yet, then i felt like i was going to puke, and i was like ohh great the day of the concert i am going to be sick? this cant be happening, so that goodness i never threw up or anything and fell back asleep and felt better. So then i was leaving for school for the concert and when i got to school and me and my friends were about to get out of my car, i looked down and saw that my friend trackd dog crap all in my car!!! I was like ewww what is that?? But we didnt even smell it until we were getting out of my car, so we used paper to pick it off the carpet and then sprayed febreeze all over the inside of my car and i took the carpet out. So my day started off very interesting and thats just the begining! Finally time for the concert!! So we get everything set up for the concert and now are just waiting for the people to get to the auditorium and check their tickets and mark their hands. So once everyone was in the auditorium we started the CONCERT!! It was awesome we started out with Give Em' Hell Kid, Lefty At The Washout, then Villanova!! It was so awesome and i think all the students really enjoyed them selves and got their ROCK ON! The only thing that happen was the microphone got unplugged while Villanova was playing and we couldnt hear and it was during one of my favorite songs. Then just a little bit more of my day we ate lunch with the bands and it was really great getting to talk with them becuase they are all super sweet. Then i just kinda hung out with people at school working on art work for the rest of the day. Then i also got a paying job from this lady at my school who needs logos for some things, so i am super stoked about that as well. That alot of my day so far, but i will keep you up dated with any more interesting things that happen. Here are some pictures from the concert and of our concert shirt, but my has paint splatter on it but thats becuase i added it on. Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Done for the day..

So i posted a lot of pictures today of some of my digital art that i make on the computer, but i will get some more of my stuff up in the next week. I really hope you enjoy looking at my work and feel free to leave comments on any of my work. I just thought i would let you know some more about me so my name is Stephanie and i love art so much its my passion and i hope to do more with it in life. I really want to go to New York City for college, but i am not sure how i am going to get there yet, but i know i will. I just want to experience the whole atmosphere up there and be around the art scene. So I am so excited for tommorrow because we are having our ROCK 2010 concert for my commercial design class at school!! I am super stoked and it is going to be awesome, we are having three bands play Villanova, Lefty at the Washout, and Give Em hell Kid. Then since I am in the class that put together the whole concert we get to each lunch with the band and hang out with them after the concert. This class is the class that I learned to do all my work that I just posted, its a computer class for learning how to use illustrator and design logos and the whole graphic design thing. It is a pretty awesome class i would have to say. I actually got offered a summer internship from this class after presenting my widget logos to a graphic design company called Post no Bills in Columbia, South Carolina. So i am super excited about my summer internship. Only if summer would hurry up!! I am in my last full week of school and i feel like we are doing nothing in class, i just wish my teachers would give me my exams already so i can get on with my summer. My summer should be great because i am going to camp, then i have my internship, as well as going to Puerto Rico for 10 days on a mission trip i am super stoked!! Well i guess thats all for the day but i am planning on up dating you tommorrow on how the concert goes with pictures hopefully!

Thanks for reading :)

Magazine ad

Here is a magazine ad I made for Woodley's Garden Center. The pictures were of their flowers, plant, ect. and i took the pictures myself.


Here are some more illustrator designs I did. There are the Logos and buisness card, letterhead, and envelope. We had to make our own company everyones was called a widget but basically you called it what you wanted so my was coffee company... here it is.

Ready To Break Free To NYC...

So this is my first blog and i am about to start it off with alot and show some of my art work so i can get it out on the web so here it goes.....

So i guess i will type a number and write out by it about the work so you know more about it so for the first picture will be number 1 and so on...

1. This is a cover for a CD design for a local band in South Carolina called Villanova you might have heard of them. They just got signed by Universal Records and now their starting to make it big and for my commercial design class we get the chance to design CD's for them. The city at the bottom is Columbia, South Carolina becuase thats where the band is from and there is one bird on front and three on the back cover symbolzing the four band members.

2. So this is the back of the CD and I think the back came out better than the front but thats just me. Also there are a total of four birds on the album symbolzing the four band members.

3,4,5,6 are just of the inserts for the CD that shows the bands thanks and lyrics ect...