Thursday, September 30, 2010

friends let friends Breathe...

So today i started this new thing on Facebook, i also started a group on it, so hopefully people will join and start to do this with me... friends let friends Breathe... is designed for Facebook users to send a message to a different friend everyday. You should want to send an encouraging message to your friend to get to know them or tell them something they did that really impacted you, just anything you feel comfortable with it just has to be sweet, kind and uplifting! You can title all of your messages with " friends let friends Breathe...". I am just going to start at the top of my friends list and go from there, but don't forget about when you add new friends! I am really excited to start this today because i think it will be great! You never really know what someone is going through any day and an encouraging note on Facebook can really go a long way! I hope you all join me in this epidemic of love and friendship on Facebook! I am really excited about doing this... i hope you all join in! If you don't have Facebook then you can do it too just via blog or email etc... :)

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