Thursday, June 10, 2010


So sorry i have not posted anything but i probably wont post anything good for the next couple of weeks because i have no nice camera right now to take pictures to post or a lap top or iPhone to post from there either. I wish i had those things right now so i could post more. Plus if i had an iPhone i could do my summer school from it when i am out of the country and have to computer. Blah why does everything have to cost SO much money? Well besides those things at least i got my report card and i am officially a senior and was promoted!! YAY! I got pretty good grades to i only had one D and that was in math, then a C is history and three B's and five A's! So i think that's pretty good! Also today when i got my report card i got a big book in the mail from SVA (school of visual arts in NYC) EEPPP yay! that made me really happy because it made me more excited to go to college in NYC. So now that I'm officially a Senior its time to get ready for college applications! yay ha. Wish me luck at getting into SVA or Pratt and being able to afford it. Well thanks for reading hopefully soon i will be posting from my iPhone! ha i wish ;)

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