Saturday, June 5, 2010


Art art art art artt... OHHH how i love art art art art artt...!!! Yes i love art soo much its the one thing i feel my happiest doing! I enjoy it so much! There are so many different ways to make art and express your self through every piece. I love making art and experimenting with new types of art to photo shop to graphite. I can always just go in my room and just make art not matter what my mood, if i am happy i can make art. If i am sad i can go make art. That's why i love art sooooo much! So at the top i start with many non-objective pieces with paint/gel medium/coffee. I absolutely love using gel medium and making non-objective pieces. I feel like so many people can relate to those pieces and it has many emotions to it. Then i have just a regular still life done in graphite to get experience in many different areas. Then i go to a bunch of clay. You start off by seeing the up close of the pebbles on the house i made. I really enjoyed making this house. I first just wanted to say something through it. I wanted to say how even when you have nothing and you are living in a messed up house with nothing in it you still have God. He is always their for everyone that's why i called it "hope for everyone". I also got to learn some new effects i can use on clay with this piece, so i really enjoyed it. Then i have a vessel made from clay with just alot of carving in it and a really nice glaze i mixed for it. I thought it was very successful. Last but not least i have two clay tiles that we did in art club right before school ended. We carved into these clay slabs and then placed colored glass where you wanted that color, then in the kiln it melts all together. Very cool effect, i will defiantly be using it on future pieces. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :)

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  1. AGH!!! I love it, love it, love it!

    That house is KILLER! I like the effects you got with drybrushing it... this is my kinda thing!

    The vessel is great! Glazes make everything better!