Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ROCK 2010

So today i woke up at 5 am, and it wasnt time for me to get up yet, then i felt like i was going to puke, and i was like ohh great the day of the concert i am going to be sick? this cant be happening, so that goodness i never threw up or anything and fell back asleep and felt better. So then i was leaving for school for the concert and when i got to school and me and my friends were about to get out of my car, i looked down and saw that my friend trackd dog crap all in my car!!! I was like ewww what is that?? But we didnt even smell it until we were getting out of my car, so we used paper to pick it off the carpet and then sprayed febreeze all over the inside of my car and i took the carpet out. So my day started off very interesting and thats just the begining! Finally time for the concert!! So we get everything set up for the concert and now are just waiting for the people to get to the auditorium and check their tickets and mark their hands. So once everyone was in the auditorium we started the CONCERT!! It was awesome we started out with Give Em' Hell Kid, Lefty At The Washout, then Villanova!! It was so awesome and i think all the students really enjoyed them selves and got their ROCK ON! The only thing that happen was the microphone got unplugged while Villanova was playing and we couldnt hear and it was during one of my favorite songs. Then just a little bit more of my day we ate lunch with the bands and it was really great getting to talk with them becuase they are all super sweet. Then i just kinda hung out with people at school working on art work for the rest of the day. Then i also got a paying job from this lady at my school who needs logos for some things, so i am super stoked about that as well. That alot of my day so far, but i will keep you up dated with any more interesting things that happen. Here are some pictures from the concert and of our concert shirt, but my has paint splatter on it but thats becuase i added it on. Thanks for reading :)