Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Done for the day..

So i posted a lot of pictures today of some of my digital art that i make on the computer, but i will get some more of my stuff up in the next week. I really hope you enjoy looking at my work and feel free to leave comments on any of my work. I just thought i would let you know some more about me so my name is Stephanie and i love art so much its my passion and i hope to do more with it in life. I really want to go to New York City for college, but i am not sure how i am going to get there yet, but i know i will. I just want to experience the whole atmosphere up there and be around the art scene. So I am so excited for tommorrow because we are having our ROCK 2010 concert for my commercial design class at school!! I am super stoked and it is going to be awesome, we are having three bands play Villanova, Lefty at the Washout, and Give Em hell Kid. Then since I am in the class that put together the whole concert we get to each lunch with the band and hang out with them after the concert. This class is the class that I learned to do all my work that I just posted, its a computer class for learning how to use illustrator and design logos and the whole graphic design thing. It is a pretty awesome class i would have to say. I actually got offered a summer internship from this class after presenting my widget logos to a graphic design company called Post no Bills in Columbia, South Carolina. So i am super excited about my summer internship. Only if summer would hurry up!! I am in my last full week of school and i feel like we are doing nothing in class, i just wish my teachers would give me my exams already so i can get on with my summer. My summer should be great because i am going to camp, then i have my internship, as well as going to Puerto Rico for 10 days on a mission trip i am super stoked!! Well i guess thats all for the day but i am planning on up dating you tommorrow on how the concert goes with pictures hopefully!

Thanks for reading :)

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