Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well i love music alot and i just thought i would post some of the types of music i like for you to hear because they are all so different. I really like like rock music and then pop music i guess i pretty much like anything from rap to country so.. but some of my favorite artist right now are probably Ke$ha, i really like her 2 songs BLAH BLAH BLAH and Your Love Is My Drug. shes really funky and i like that but shes not to crazy like Lady Gaga, don't get me wrong i still like Lady Gaga but not as much as Ke$ha. Well i really like Lady Gaga's music before she was called Lady Gaga her name is Stefani and she had an album called Red and Blue and i really like all the songs on that album. Then i really love Villanova their like Rock and i really like there more hard core songs i guess you could say like Str8 To The Bottom. Then i like Trey Songz and some of his songs. Also i really like alot of Christian bands like Family Force Five to Steven Curtis Chapman. So i love all types of music! So it all really great so if you can sing or play an instrument don't give up on that ROCK ON FOR LIFE!! People always are telling me like you need a real job instead of art or something and i bet its the same for musicians but guess what i don't even care what they say because i am happy with what i do and what i like and that's what i want to do! So that what i am going to do! So don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Stick to your dreams and live them out!!

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