Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Whole Day Of School!!!

Teapot made from clay, obviously not a working one because it has holes in it, but i really liked the glaze i mixed on it.

Nose i carved out of Plaster, i think noses are interesting so i decided to carve it out of plaster.

Cheerios i made out of clay.

Thank goodness today is the last full day of school only 3 more half days!! yay! And now that all the seniors are gone I am officially a senior woot woot! geeze its finally here, took long enough. So today at school i didn't really do much except take some exams but they weren't bad at all so other than that i stayed in the art lab all day at school working on logos for this lady. This is going to be my first logos that i am getting paid for and i am super stoked and ready to get some money!! Because i gotta start saving up to but my apple laptop and cannon camera because those things aren't cheap. Other than that here are some art works Ive done i will post some pictures so if any of you are interested you can comment or just look or whatever...

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Seeing as I'm a sculptor, I guess this post appeals to me the most! I love, love, love that teapot! I have seen college seniors make pieces that aren't that complex and well-made-- the fact that it was made by a high school junior says a lot to me. I would have said that last night when we were looking, but I was distracted by everything going on. Excellent work!