Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 29: Joel

Hello Day 29: Joel - EXIT
Hey everyone happy new year!! I am excited for a great new year to come! So today in the book of Joel there were many prophets who committed some specific sins of Jewish of people. But Joel simply called for repentance from God. Though God judges sin, He always offers a way out - in our time, through Jesus. So today in my art i used an exit sign because its the way out. And God always offers away out when we sin. He is such a great God it amazes me every single day how great He is in every situation. Today i also made a video of just a little process of making a simple piece of work for 66 Words. In any video i make the songs i put are the ones i'm listening to while working... so al you see i used the beetles. Plus they are amazing musicians. I hope you enjoy!

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